Humble farming

Found this fascinating film on the future of farming through Euan Semple’s blog:

The idea expounded in the film is that of permaculture – short for permanent agriculture, it is an agricultural approach that seeks to tweak the natural ecosystems of a given locality to yield crops without disturbing the balances set within that system.

As Euan Semple writes of the film:

What struck me watching this wonderful film was the degree to which arrogance and fixation for imposed order was what got us into trouble in the first place and how much humility and willingness to learn from apparent chaos is what will get us out of it. Any parallels you may draw with organisational life are totally intended.

I think that this lack of humility is not just relevant to the way we produce our foodstuffs and organise our worklives. I think it might well be one of the core issues we face.

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