Blurrily busy

The past week has moved by so quickly, it all seems like a blur now. I’ve certainly been too busy to sit down and blog. I’ve managed to move into my lovely new home, buy new furniture, assemble said furniture, have had lots of people visiting and gone to two concerts.

First, my room is now nicely settled, and upon finishing the decorating and cleaning, I snapped a few pictures to give an idea of the size and shape of things. My fellow commun.. (..ists? What is the proper word?) have made the transition easy so far, and I look forward to getting to know them a bit better.

Second, the two concerts. I went with my dear mother to see Bob Dylan play in Copenhagen on Monday night. My mother has been a fan of Bob’s since she was 13, but this was her live concert with his Bobness. The stage show was not exactly impressing, and his vocals probably won’t win him any new fans (I hardly understood a word he was singing all night), but the music was very Rhythm and Blues – he even reinterpreted some of his old hits this way, and it did rock quite well.

Though I’m not much of a fan, it’s hard to underestimate the importance that he has played in the last 40 years of popular music, and I was surprised to find how much of the music reminded me of so markedly different later artists as Metallica, Beck, Kashmir and the Smiths. Curious.

The other concert was Timbuktu on Tuesday night. Timbuk is the best-selling Swedish rapper who have been touring Scandinavia for the past month with his amazingly tight backing band “Damn!”, and Copenhagen was the final stop of their tour (due to an unfortunate cancellation back in February). It was a great, funky and happy experience with lots of pranks and hijinks along the way. The crowd went crazy when they played “Det brinner i Paris” as the final encore. Good stuff.

Now, after all of these distractions. I can finally settle down for the last long stretch of thesis work – hopefully. So it’ll still be busy, but a different kind of busy. Oh well.

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