Overheard in a Nürnberg hostel dorm

(07.06 Sunday morning. The first rays of grey morning light find their way through the curtains in a 12-man dormitory room. The door opens. In comes a young man, wobbily walking to the far end of the room where a bunk bed is located. He bends over the lower bunk and speaks in a tired, drunken slur.)

Boy: “Hey, Jersey. Sorry I left you. I spent an hour looking for you, but these people just dragged from one club to another and … Jersey?
Girl: “Mhmm?”
Boy: “I’m sorry, I couldn’t find you. I’ve been out drinking until now.”
Boy: “I met this girl named Michelle, she’s really nice. I’m going to try and see if she’ll let me sleep at her place. I’ll come back here tomorrow at 3 at the latest.
Girl: “Mm.”
Boy: “You’ll wait for me, won’t you?”
Girl: “…”
Boy: “Alright, see you. Thanks, Jersey!”

(He quickly walks out the room, uncarefully slamming the door as he leaves.)

(07.34 – the door is opened carefully a second time. Again footsteps can be heard across the room.)

Boy: “Jersey? … Jersey? I’m sorry, I’ve been out drinking until now. I tried to find you and all – I spent an hour and a half looking for you, but it’s like were just gone.”
Girl: “Mhm..”
Boy: “I’m sorry, they just dragged me from club to club… It was pretty great.”
Girl: “…”
Boy: “I met this German girl named Michelle, she was only 18, but she looked like 20.”
Girl: “Mhmm.”
Boy: “Yeah, I know. But she was really nice and… Oh! I’ll be right back – I got to fart.”

(walks out of the room, closes the door. The sound of a loud fart can clearly be heard from the hallway. Door opens, the young man comes back in, clambers into his top bunk)

Boy: “Jersey, you’ll wake me tomorrow, won’t you? Just wake me up when you get up, okay?”
Girl: “Mhmm.”

(Boy snores)

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