Ze Germans were here!

Also, this weekend I hosted 3 German engineering Ph.Ds. Which was somewhat odd, since I don’t really hang out much in engineering circles (well, I’m going to be hanging out in software engineering circles, but this was Chemical engineering of some sort, I think. They’d been to a conference in Lund and had a weekend to spare before going back to Zürich where they are doing their research. So they wanted to come by Copenhagen.

Oh, how I know them? Well, one of them is Thomas, whose room I rented in Manchester. That is to say, he moved back to Germany, and I got my name on the contract instead of his. But back then, we had one week of overlap which was good fun, and it was also good fun to see him again. And his friends Tobias and Philip.

It’s always funny to see what people like about Copenhagen, and the Germans were particularly fond of the Danish hot dogs. I guess it compares well to my fascination with the German Currywurst.

Cultural differences in food is always a favourite topic of mine. One of my professors at the Department of Anthropology is big on food anthropology, and he has a good collection of films that portray food in different cultures and in different situations.

My favourite is clearly Tampopo, which I think everybody ought to see. It is mainly about how to make the perfect bowl of noodle soup. Anyone watching will be sure to be hungry afterwards.

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Hey Andreas,

zanks for your hospitality and for a very interesting and nice weekend in Copenhagen. Hotdogs rule 😉

Cheers mate,

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