Birthday boy

My birthday is this Wednesday. And I’m throwing a little party the following Saturday. Because of this people seem to feel a need to reciprocate in some way, and continue to ask me for some sort of wishlist or ideas for what I should be needing or wanting.

Generally, I feel that I’m quite well off, and not in much need at all, but even so, there are things that I’d like:

Jonathan Safran Foer: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

– Mew: And the Glass Handed Kites

– Devendra Banhart: Cripple Crow

The Edukators (DVD)

– Sigur Rós: Takk

– José Saramago: Blindness

Paul Feyerabend: Against Method

– Desktop PC microphone (something like this).

A portable player which supports Ogg Vorbis, and can do voice recording as well (for field studies, y’know). Preferably with at least 512 MB of memory. Maybe something like this (which even is guaranteed to work with linux – crazy!).

– Maybe even tickets for extremely cheap flights all over Europe this autumn.

… hm. That did prove to be quite a lot of various objects. I must stress that you should not feel obligated in any way to actually purchase any of these items for me. It is solely because people keep asking, even threatening to give me home made earmuffs or equal silliness which I sincerely hope to avoid.

As you can see, almost all of these things are found and linked through, which is a nice place (well, non-place, I guess). I’ve made my own wish-list there, which I’ll try to keep updated (look out, Christmas!) with other stuff.

Looking forward to seeing all of you on Saturday the 1st of October! 🙂

EDIT: Re. the strikeouts: Read the comments.


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Do you need your very own copy of Feyerabend, because otherwise you can borrow mine 🙂


huh – I should’ve guessed that you’d have that hidden away somewhere. A borrow-book is plenty good for me though, so that’s off the list.

Incidentally, so is the Ogg Vorbis player, which I’ve been promised now by unnamed parties. W00t!

That was about time mr. Llyodd. Finally you give a non-creative kid (li3k m3!) an opportunity to actually but you something you want.



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