I’ve won something!

Just for fun, I entered the Guardian’s competition for tickets for the upcoming Football international between Denmark and England tomorrow night. Two pairs of tickets were up for grabs and I won! Sensational!

I’ve never won anything in any sort of draw before, and I guess it took something that I’m not desperate to win, to break that record. Did I mention that the game in question is a game in the Women’s Football European Championships?

Even so, that won’t break my joy. I’ll be journeying to Blackburn tomorrow all the same to see the select 11 of my two birth nations. Maybe this game can offer some insight as to which team I ought to support – f’real. 😉


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They play really well, too!
Are you making a competition for the other ticket ?

No competition, but I offered it to Anna, a Swedish girl who wanted to see a football game before she goes back to Sweden. She even promised to support Denmark, too.

Seems like it worked quite well.

I will post a full match summary with pictures and all tomorrow..

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