The thesis is now available

It’s been a long way underway, first through fieldwork, writing, submitting, defending, editing, and polishing. But now, finally. My anthropological thesis on the social dynamics of the Ubuntu community is available for everybody to read.

You can download the abstract, or the full 2.9 MB PDF file.

I’ve released it under a Creative Commons license so that everybody is most welcome to redistribute it and add their comments.

EDIT: My webhost removed the file due to excessive load. But it is now back on-line.

The thesis is now also mirrored at thanks to kind help from Anand Vaidya.

And at Software Libre Rudd-o thanks to Manuel Amador. So please use one of those mirrors in case of any further issues with my webhost.


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Since I use Ubuntu, I’m wondering myself ‘How does this amazing Ubuntu work?’. With ‘Ubuntu’ I mean the community side of Ubuntu. I’m fascinated about it. Well, I just read your thesis and it gave me a lot of answers! It helps me to understand it better. What is very interesting for me, is to read about the developer-side of the community. I’m a member of the user-side, so that part I understand mostly :).

So thank you very much for sharing this! I enjoyed reading it, and I will read it again! This thesis fills a gap in the knowledge about Ubuntu and linux in general.

Maybe one remark, you didn’t mention ‘the code of conduct’, what I think is something important in the Ubuntu community.

greetings Hans

Nice work… I’m curious, what technology did you use to write the thesis? Was it done in LaTeX?

The layout is very good.

I had a sneak peak trough your thesis and I’m already liking it a lot, I think I’m going to leave it around for windows lovers (using this word and not a lot of f… and Bill Gates is a …. phrases just to keep things a little bit polite) to show that linux REALLY has EVOLVED into the best operating system in the world and is not some kind of hacker/cracker OS that only has a terminal screen and no GUI 😉

Damn. The host service has removed the file due excessive bandwidth use:

You don’t have permission to access removed_by_admin_because_of_continued_excessive_load_lloyd_thesis.pdf on this server.”

I don’t have any other hosts available, anybody willing to host it, please contact me!

Heh, recognition at last, huh bro? 😛

Having seen the thesis before, I can recommend it to anyone interested in OpenSource in any way.

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