Kurt Vonnegut R.I.P.

I just saw today that Kurt Vonnegut, writer and misunderstood anthropologist has passed away, aged 84.

So it goes.

(as a lot of obituaries no doubt will be saying referring to Vonnegut’s own writings)

I’ve enjoyed all that I’ve read from Vonnegut’s pen, both sharply sarcastic and quietly wise. If you haven’t done so, I would recommend you read a bit of it now to commemorate. If you’re around Copenhagen and interested in borrowing a Vonnegut book, let me know.


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Hey Andreas,

There goes one of our common memories. Although it is often seen that a dead person enjoys more success or celebrity as such, then alive.

Vonnegut will to me always stand for surreal stories of ICE9 and coming to terms with a new friendship, that had started off in another direction…

There was a nice comment on Vonnegut’s anthropological background on the Savage Minds group blog:

??I think about my education sometimes. I went to the University of Chicago for a while after the Second World War. I was a student in the Department of Anthropology. At that time, they were teaching that there was absolutely no difference between anybody. They may be teaching that still.
Another thing they taught was that nobody was ridiculous or bad or disgusting. Shortly before my father died, he said to me, ??You know-you never wrote a story with a villain in it.??
I told him that was one of the things I learned in college after the war.?

I like that.

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