Fredericia Hardcore Festival

Having blog often leads to being in the awkward position that you realize that there are things that you want to blog about but you don’t quite manage to fit in. I’m in such a situation now, having looked through some of my old pictures, I’ve realized that I wanted to blog about my adventures at the Fredericia Hardcore Festival last year.

Now, that festival was in late July of 2005, so I’m basically out pretty late with this one, but little matter. I think the pictures are worth sharing all the same. I went to the FHF just to listen to one band, as I’m not really a big fan of hardcore punk. The band is Against Me which isn’t your average punk band. They manage to infuse their brand of punk with strands of folk and blues, maintaining the rebel nerve and energy of the punk with the melody, melancholy and charm of folk blues.

I first heard of them through the Golublog in some discussion on what songs to play at your funeral. I don’t recall how exactly, but Against Me’s “What we worked for” was mentioned, so I went to download that from their website. I liked it a lot, but didn’t manage to find out more about them, until I happened on the program for the FHF where Against Me were to play their only gig in Denmark. So, off I went.

The festival took place in a community youth centre in the Danish provincial town of Fredericia. The centre is an adapted train station:

A fair bit of graffiti had been done for the occasion:

It was a lovely evening…

And then there was the concert itself. It was good fun. Unfortunately, all of the pictures I took turned out kind of bad, as my camera couldn’t deal with the light and the movement on stage. This one is the best of a bad bunch:

I enjoyed the concert, though I didn’t know any of the songs. Afterwards I bought their latest album, “As The Eternal Cowboy” which I can only recommend.


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Hi Andreas,
I’m Azwari from Malaysia, my band play in Frederecia HC Fest in 2005,
I was looking for the fest poster and stumbled to your blog. if you can help me
can you find me a picture of the festival poster. with Utarid on it.

Thank You,

Hi Azwari,

I’m sorry. I don’t have a picture of the poster. All the photos I had were just random snaps of concerts and people. Hope you find it somehow.


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