Men who look like Dieter Bohlen..

My friend and one time anthropology compadre, Tore, is finally getting his blogging act together, and have started a regular output of blogging. His definion of blog writing is “a narcissistic ride towards insanity where people who have nothing to say still torment their readers with their platitudes and empty banalities.” If I have translated it right.

Tore is known for emphatic sarcasm, especially with regards to pop culture. Not only has he featured a post on “Men who look like Dieter Bohlen” – he is also vice-president of the Chelsea Gloryhunter Club who only accept people as members if they haven’t supported Chelsea FC before 12:47 on the 25th of november 2005 (which was when the club founder and president decided to become a Chelsea fan, as he was sick and tired of watching his original true love, Hertha Berlin, getting trounced every weekend.

I’m looking forward to seeing how Tore will twist the everyday stories of blogging and the online experience to new levels of intrigue and danger.

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