Get reading while the reading’s good

Not too long ago, I was invited to join GoodReads – yet another social web service the sole purpose of which is to allow people to share book recommendations.

As a start, I’ve added some books that I’ve read to my shelf – my virtual book collection, that is. I’ve also added a shelf called Recommendations, which contains a number of books that I’ve learned a lot from, and which – to some extent – have shaped my way of thinking. It is obviously incomplete, but I’ll be adding more to it as I go along – and maybe I’ll even get as far as writing a few lines as to why these books are so important.

Since starting my profile, I’ve been trying to keep it updated as I read new books, adding a rating and few lines on each to make it easy for me to remember them, and easy for others to get an idea of whether it’s something they should pay attention to or not.

Now, all I need to do is engage my friends and family in sharing their favourite reads with me, so that all of my recommendations can actually do some good, and I can get some recommendations in return.
I’ve been so bold as to invite some of you to go get a profile on Goodreads, which I hope you’ll do, so you can let me know what you’re reading these days!

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