So today I turn 26. With the bare minimum of fanfare, being in the field in Dublin. But even with little fanfare, it is always nice to get the digital birthday greetings from home on a day like this. Thank you for the thoughts. I hope you’re all taking good care of yourselves wherever you may be.

Though I haven’t told a lot of people about my birthday, I still got a cake:

B-day cake! Yay!

Courtesy of the ever-thoughtful KDE usability expert, Ellen.

Tonight a whole bunch of the remaining people here will go to a Japanese noodle restaurant and treat ourselves to a proper meal – something surprisingly rare in Dublin where most meals involve crips, chips and deepfrying.
Being prepared, I have brought some quality original Danish spirit to combine the meal with Danish birthday celebrations in a proper fusion cooking event:

It's porse! it's snaps! It goes well with sushi! (maybe!)

So, if you’re excited about this and want part of the action. Just fly to Dublin! We’ll be meeting at 8 PM sharp on the campus of the glorious Trinity College in central Dublin and walk to the restaurant. More specifically, we’ll be meeting just outside of the fantastic edifice housing the hack-labs for this year’s aKademy conference, the appropriately monikered PC-huts:


Yes, they are basically containers full of computers. But they are nice containers! Okay, they’re not. But at least we won’t be eating our noodles there. 🙂


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