On tour…

Having written the first of the five essays that make up my exams this summer, I’ll be off on Easter holidays for the next two weeks touring London, Suffolk (again! Crazy!), Prague and Denmark (w00t!). Updates will be sparse here, though I’ll be posting some more pictures of Manchester, and maybe even my essay (for peer-review, obviously 😉 ). It’s on the influence of technology on Western perception of time. A usually grand topic for discussion, though I’m trying to downsize my ambitions.

I tend to write about topics that are way too big for the restrictive word limits that I’ve been imposed. That results in me trying to cram as much in information and reflection into as little space as possible. I did consider just turning ii in as a Haiku poem:

Thoughtlessly, time
stretches between waiting and action
again and again

.. ugh, it doesn’t even fit the haiku structure, but my excuse would be that it’s translated from Danish, and that it would much better sense in Japanese.

Right. See if you can do any better

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