A blog about what?

I’m having some difficulties figuring out exactly what kind of stuff I should be posting on this blog. Originally, I was inspired by blogs where anthropologists doing research on computer culture were posting some of their research findings mixed with various other stuff that they find interesting.

These are blogs like Alex Golub’s Golublog and Gabriella Coleman’s Sato Roams. Golub has done fieldwork in Papua New Guina, but has recently turned his attention to online roleplaying games. Coleman is currently writing her Ph.d dissertation on the Open Source movement, based on a fieldwork at the Electronic Frontier Foundation – an digital civil rights organisation currently very concerned with intellectual property management.

In some strange future I hope to put research ponderings of my own in this blog. I’ll be trying to post small bits of academia (it sounds like a nut, doesn’t it?) to test the mettle of my communicative skills (and maybe somebody might find it interesting, too). But for now, I’ll mostly write about my doings in Manchester, hopefully with lots of pictures and excitement.

So: A blog about me with lots of pictures and excitement … right!


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Yes, pictures will make us swallow (some of) the learned stuff as well. My colleague talked about subalterns today – and true enough – she’d been reading about your clever lecturer after having been seduced by your entertaining visual effects…
So even if we don’t react, we may read and even learn, to the best of our ability. And even if we don’t learn, we can appreciate the fact that you seem to …

I will read anything Andreas posts because I am a connoisseur of all things Mr. Lloyd.

Come back to Denmark buddy.

Ah, I’ll return to the promised land in good time, Mr. Cudmore. In the meantime you’ll have to manage with just my weak attempts at excitement and entertainment.

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