The cultural gendarmerie is here

Jeppe, a good friend of mine, has initiated his official career as a cultural critic with one his theatre buddies on their own website called the Postulatorium.

The project was originally intended to be a tv-show containing a youthful combination of comedy, satire and cultural education. Unfortunately, the idea was pitched at the same time as Danish TV started showing their own bile-infested program for cultural criticism.

Radio didn’t work either, since they insisted that it should be on a station with youth appeal, but they couldn’t get any of the relevant stations interested in a show that wasn’t solely about music.

It was until they decided to try their hand at the media with the lowest barrier of entry: The world wide web that the project got off the ground. So far the content is kind of sparse, but the idea is sound, and well worth supporting. I’ll try and see if I can get them to do a podcast. I’m sure their kind of humour would work well like that.

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