On beauty

I recently came across a Youtube video which questions our ideals of beauty. With digital editing, all the images we see in advertisements, model photos, and feature films can be – and are! – cleaned up of every blemish and subtle mistake.

Digging around, I found a few other examples of how advertisers and stylists are using Photoshop to distort our perception of beauty. Just have a look at this thorough dissection of a magazine cover picture.

All of this just reinforces the effect of the recent news that a 21-year old Brazilian photo model basically starved herself to death in order to ensure her success.

Our perception of beauty, it seems, is not healthy.


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Damn. Hit by viral marketing again.

I must admit that I didn’t really bother reading the text at the end all that thoroughly, I just focused on the images which I thought were quite telling.

Looking at it now, the girl does do her best to make herself look bad in the initial shot. Weird.

Thanks for spotting this, though. It goes to show that even our indignation sells these days.


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