Flying on the cheap

Having tried different budget airlines over the past few weeks, I’m appalled at how tacky they have become. On Ryanair flights, they will blare advertisements over the loudspeakers before take-off, before attempting to sell you all kinds of crap during the flight. On Sterling flights, they not only try to sell you the usual fare of tax-free crap, but also raffle tickets.

Both companies have a strict policy against passengers consuming their own foods and drinks on-board the plane. Instead, we should buy their over-priced foil-wrapped sandwiches and canned beverages.

Added to the usual tourist trap hooks that you stumble across all over both Paris, Barcelona and Vilanova it is easy to get more than usually tired of air travel. Sure it may be cheap, but they sure do their best to make your aware of the fact for just a little extra money, your travel experience could be so much more comfortable..

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