The musketeer rule

Just trawled my way through a ridiculously long slide deck by David Gillespie called “Digital Strangelove – or how I learned to stop worrying and love the internet“.

It has a lot of good points, and describes among other things:

  • How it doesn’t make sense to talk of digital anymore. It is a qualifier that is losing meaning as our physical and digital lives melt together.
  • How all media technology has always been enabling new forms of human expression – and how the Internet has enabled everybody to express themselves in all sorts of new ways. And we don’t know where we might end up.
  • How it doesn’t make sense to talk of social media, since with the internet, all media are social. We might just as well talk of the internet.
  • How the internet is changing the way we perceive media. On the internet, we have to design for the users’ intent and ability to express themselves rather than count upon their passive attention.
  • But the point that stuck with me occured around slide number 190 (!) was the “musketeer rule”, which sort of sums it all up:

    Your intent is framed by the way you deliver value.

    I call this The Three Musketeers rule.

    All for One or One for All

    All For One is 20th century value creation. It is driven by self-interest & excelled in the silos.

    One For All is how businesses thrive today. When they create value for themselves, they create value for an eco-system.

    It is called the ??Good Enough Revolution?, and it is not a conversation about features.

    It is a conversation about benefits.

    Good stuff!

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