New terrorist threat

Recently, my mother went to Dublin for a English teacher course, and I asked her to bring back fresh supplies of my favourite toast spread, Marmite. Marmite is a weird yeast-based syrup of sorts which has a very distinctive flavour which apparently doesn’t fit too well with the average Danish taste buds, and is therefore hideously expensive and almost impossible to get in Denmark due to lack of popular demand.

Duly, my mother acquired said Marmite, but upon passing through the security check-in for her flight to Copenhagen, the security clerk confiscated the Marmite which she unwittingly had stowed in her hand luggage! Despite being unopened and hardly very liquid, the Marmite was taken away with no compensation, leaving my dear mother with no choice but to return home without the long awaited goods.

I know that some people severely dislike Marmite but classifying it a terrorist threat is going a bit too far!


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let’s face it, it is a terror to our taste buds… but ahem, aside from that minor point, i thought the marmite absurdity was a thing of the most absurd “super-power” nation in the world.. but apparently not…


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