Moving on up

Or out, actually. Having lived in my hall of residence for longer than you’d think possible, I’m now moving on. I’ve been invited to move into a nice commune with four other students on Nørrebro, and they seem like a really nice lot.

It all started with just another notice on the hall of residence newsgroups, but unlike so many other of such notices, I decided to go with this one. I went for an interview the Sunday before last, and they were quick to call back saying that they’d like to talk some more with me, and by last Wednesday, they called to let me know that the room was mine if I wanted it, already from the first of April.

So it’s been a rush to get things organized, and just yesterday did I get in touch with Henrik who’ll moving into my room here at Egmont, and he proved quite willing to move in as early as the first of April, thus saving me the expense of paying double rent for the coming month.

That means that I’ll be moving on Sunday, and you’re most welcome to drop by and lend a hand to move my stuff to the lovely commune which I will be calling home soon. Did I mention that it’s located on the fifth floor?


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Moving back to your hippie-roots, eh?

J/k, good for you. I suppose it means more room for creativity (read: cannabis abuse).

I’m not saying that communes are all drugs, beers and nakedness, but I can’t shake the thought of communes in the 70’s and 80’s.

Also try and work on your promotion abilities. 5th floor – honesty is good in advertising, if you manage to wrap it into a lie, like: “Included in the moving proces is a first-class view of Nørrebro. See what noone else sees! A new angle of the Danish capital!”

Good luck, will come and see it some time.

Perhaps I went a bit over the top… All sarcasm, if anyone’s in doubt. GL with the movement.

No worries. The sarcasm came across quite clearly. 🙂

Moving went smoothly in any case, and I’m now getting settled in my new home. It seems very nice so far.

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