X-mas is coming

Well, Christmas is once again upon us, and I’ve been asked repeatedly for a wish-list of sorts. And though I still have a fairly defunct Amazon wishlist, I must admit to having been too self-indulgent as of late and bought most of the books that I wanted to read.

On the other hand, I’ve been even worse at buying music, so I do have a few wishes in that direction:

Mr. Scruff – Trouser Jazz
Death from Vegas – Dead Elvis
Band Ane – Anish Music
Trentemøller – The Last Resort
Mikael Simpson – Stille og Uroligt

.. that’s basically all I can think off at the moment. If you don’t feel like giving me music, I always appreciate receiving more goats.

EDIT: The Amazon wishlist link was broken and led to things I sincerely do not wish for. This should now be fixed.

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