Jodido pero acostumbrado

I’ve been robbed. No really. Returning home late Thursday night after having been to a theatre festival in Malmö, I went to bed dead tired. I didn’t lock my door. I never lock my door when I’m home because what are the odds that somebody would try to steal stuff from a 11 m2 room with somebody sleeping in it?

Apparently, the odds are not that bad at all. There was a big party at my hall of residence on Thursday night. Lots of strangers about, and unfortunately, some of these had figured out that you can sneak upstairs and take stuff from people’s rooms. So they went to my room after the party had died down, sneaked in and grabbed my mobile phone, my wallet and my mp3 player.

I didn’t notice anything at all. They’d probably just been in there for like 30 seconds, but it’s still all kinds of creepy. So yesterday I went through the motions, reporting the crime, blocking my credit card and my phone, ordering a new SIM card and various other ID cards, feeling slighted in a rather unspectacular way.

It seems my insurance most likely won’t cover this, because I should have locked my door. It isn’t a case of “breaking-and-entering” it is merely “simple theft” which I should have been able to prevent myself. So now I’m trying wrap my head around the fact that people are in fact crazy enough to bluff their way into a hall of residence, wander up to the 4th floor and into a random room to search through people’s coat and jeans pockets to make away with stuff that most of all has value for me.

Especially losing my mobile phone is a kick in the teeth. If you’ve been trying to get in touch with me, then I’m sorry: I can’t come to the phone. I’ll have to start all over with my collection of phone numbers as I naturally didn’t bother to do a backup of my SIM card.


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