Manchester in pictures

Inspired by this guy Jake’s observant pictures of Chicago [warning: Several hundred hi-res pictures behind this link] and Lauren Greenfield’s excellent pictures of Girl Culture, I’ve tried my own hand at some descriptive shots of Manchester, hopefully later joined by some good shots of student life, as well.


On the sign to the Faculty of Medicine, University of Manchester

Doorbell on the inside?!

ey, what's that in front of the clock?

Manchester Town Hall..


bluuue mooon


three pictures of the Manchester Museum of Urban Culture – Urbis:




Tattoo or no?

Rambo actually passed by when I took this photo, and asked what why I was taking a photo of his shop. I explained the contrast between the two shop offers, and he conceded that it was “pretty humorous”.

Lovely thorns, those

A public service announcement from the Manchester City Council

And, finally, a few snaps from my little home.

The Kitchen, spring cleaned.

Back yard
Our lusciously fertile back yard.

Lovely view
My room, with a view.

And finally, a reward for the patient, a little attempt at teaching light to do tricks, using a broken lens from my pair of glasses.

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