Spring in Manchester

The international food night went well, though it was only the Germans who took well to the Danish cabbage (pictured behind the rye bread and the leverpostej)

Saturday was a day of glorious sunshine, happy people and ice cream. The ice cream van took a triumphant lap of victory through out the neighbourhood, relentlessly playing its theme song.

Spring had indeed arrived, as these two squirrels playfully admit.

I felt like a photographer from National Geographic, observing these rodents in their true habitat – the backyard of semidetached suburban house.

Before spring so benevolently arrived, I took a few pictures to convey some of the lovely atmosphere of the University of Manchester campus. The first one shows the loving funfair attitude of the student representative elections, with lots of homemade posters, silly slogans and inebriatedness.

The second picture shows one of the many, many CCTV surveillance cameras that cover the campus in their evil glare.

The surveillance of public life in England is scary to the point of disbelief. The new congestion charge for peak hour traffic in London is monitored via CCTV to spot cars whose number plates have not been registered as having paid the charge. These cars are likely receive a fine. There are cute little signs like this everywhere, apparently to prevent crime. If it’s supposed to comfort you that there’s someone who might always be looking..

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