Reading blogs: a brief introduction

Traditionally, a blog is sort of a directory of odd, cool or outrageous things that somebody have spotted on the web and wanted to share. I’ll try to do a bit of that as well, even though there are places that are much better at that sort of thing.

It is also part of the style of the weblog to insert the links as part of the text such as this, if you have the status bar activated in your browser, you can then see which page the link refers to at the bottom of the browser window when you move the cursor over the link.

I prefer using a web browser that allows tabbed browsing such as Firefox, Opera or Safari because the tabs makes it a lot easier to open the links while still being able to read the page the link originated from. Sure, it’s important not to overdo it, but in this case it should be pretty easy to see that the three of links above are to three different web browsers. Incidentally, all of them are very much better than Internet Explorer, thankyouverymuch, but I would recommend Firefox for daily usage. It probably won’t work with certain banking sites and other stuff, but for everyday web surfing it has no equal.

Since this blog is pretty going to present a view of the web as I see it, I thought it might help to know how you can read it with least possible effort.

I’ll get around to putting out a RSS-feed for the advanced users, eventually.

By the way, I have my email account at google’s new webmail, gmail. My address is:

lloydinho (at) gmail (dot) com

– I have to present it like this (replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .) because otherwise the insidious spambots will harvest my email address to use with unwanted advertisements for penis extensions, magic pills, rolex watches and pornography. Since gmail is still only in beta, it’s invite only, but I have 10 invites to give away. Mail me if you’re interested.
The advantages of gmail are described here.

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