Blogs away!

Hello World.

Well, I finally decided to jump aboard the blog bandwagon, mostly as a way to keep in touch with everybody back home while I’m in Manchester studying Anthropology this spring. Actually I’ve been avoiding any proper webdesign for years and years, mostly because I didn’t really feel I had a lot to say, and as the saying goes in web publishing, you need content more than anything.

So I guess I’ll have to work on the content. As a starter, I can tell you about the name of the name of the blog. It’s danish for “and yet in spite of all”, or some variation of that. I decided to go for a danish name since all the other other good ones were taken all ready.

Among those I tried out, but couldn’t get, were: idiotsavant, superfluous, dispensable, lloyd, yggdrasil, manchester, dementiapraecox, supercilious, mente, inmente, cerveau, fuzzy, fuzzylogic, funkymonk mahasamatman, uhuh, moo, mew, sisyphos and toadstool.

Unfortunately, they are all taken, yet completely void of content. I would especially have liked fuzzylogic, it has very nice ring to it. In a way, I think we all perceive the world in a rather fuzzy way no matter how clear and illuminated we like to think we perceive it. And since this is going to be the home of all of my inane online ramblings for the coming semester (and maybe even longer, who knows?) it would only be fair to label the argumentation held within to be slightly fuzzy. Just like how you would see the world without your glasses. Or, if you don’t wear glasses, just like you would look at the world wearing my glasses.

Okay, I guess you can see that the level of selfcensorship is going to be at a minimum here, as this will be a version of calling home every sunday to say that I’m okay, doing fine and generally taking care.
Are you taking care?

You should.

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